The Best Tool EVER To Monetize ANY Youtube Video...And Get Serious Results !
This Revolutionary New Technology "In-Video" CTA WP Plugin Literally PULLS IN Your Viewers By The Eyeballs & Turns Your Youtube Videos Into Profit Machines !
V-MagiK Is...
  • Monetize Your Videos with stunning timed, animated, CLICKABLE "In Video" Call-To-Action power (banners, custom graphics, lower thirds, optin forms...and more)...
  • Interactive timeline user interface for timed appearance of every "in video" element...
  • Stunning prefessionally designed video border designs ...making EVERY video stand out...
  • Have your V-MagiK videos appear on page or pop up on mouse move, delayed or by clicking on a link or button...
  • "Clone" your designs if you want to reuse and tweak them...
  • Add as many "in video" elements into your video as you want...
  • Works with ANY Youtube video !
  • THE Eyecatcher your visitors are looking for on ANY website. Eyecandy CONVERTS !
  • MUST HAVE complete video marketing plugin for ANY wordpress website in ANY niche...
  • Everything you need to convert viewers into leads or buyers in ONE place on ANY page...
The In-Video Optin Works With ANY AR Service Simply By Entering The HTML Form Code!
Integrates SEEMLESSLY With All WP Themes & Major Page Builders !
"There are many things that online marketers can't seem to agree about, but the dominant power of video marketing is not one of them. It has become more or less essential for every website owner to monetize videos. Indeed there several tools on the market that let you place opt-in forms, call-to-action buttons, etc. but V-MagiK won me over by making it possible to drop interactive elements into a timeline and using your own custom images which provides so much more flexibility than other tools I've used that have always felt restrictive and limited. V-MagiK is interactive videos new and improved for 2016..."
Amir GhoreichiAffiliate / Internet Marketer
If You Finally Want To Get Conversions And Results Like THESE...
...Pay Close Attention !
For Your Review Sites, Affiliate Campaigns and CPA Sites, List Building, Selling Your Own Products Online...
Video Will Continue To Be The Most Powerful Way To Make Sales, Convert Viewers Into Leads, Get Your Message Across, Spread Your Brand And Capture Your Followers...
Watch What You Can Do With YOUR Vidoes...
See the nifty border around the video ? That's just ONE of many included in V-MagiK !
It's a plain FACT, that when you've got your viewers' full attention, they'll WANT to know more about you, your website and what you have to offer. You need something on your pages that really catches their eye, that looks great, keeps them engaged and make them STICK and put money on YOUR table !

People can't be bothered actually READING content anymore in this "video age". The first thing everyone visting ANY website does these days is scroll find what exactly ?

Yup... THE VIDEO !

Admit it... You do EXACTLY the same ! :)

And that's exactly where you need to grab them when they're most vulnerable to ANY Call To Action !
Yes, that's what has become the "default" behavior of website visitors and it will continue to be, simply because people can't be bothered reading content anymore when there's video on the page...
The Good News...
Being the Smarter Marketer you are, you have already seen the effect of video in your business, because you jumped on this exponentially growing powerful marketing strategy, capitalising on it from the day video more or less "took over"...

Also... The incredible improvement of Wordpress and the stunning pagebuilders available make it a multi purpose platform ! You're not limited to "just a blog"... Making it possible to implement your video marketing power, and especially with V-MagiK, on ANY type of WP website !
The BAD News...
There are many video creation tools and packages available out there, that can create stunning, professional videos of all sorts. But HOW are you going to monetize your videos ?

Most of the "in-video" stuff you see is VERY limited and basic, doesn't look anywhere near the quality you'd expect to fit your videos and are no more effective than the banners Youtube offers... People are more or less annoyed by them and simply click them away.

All in all there's nothing that stands out to grab their attention and no obvious reason for a viewer to click on any "in-video" simple banner...

But THAT, My Friend, Will Change For You TODAY !
It's a FACT, that if something looks appealing, professional and properly designed, people get curious and triggered to look for more. The presentation of ANYTHING and getting your visitors FULL attention is half the work done...

It's dead simple:
If you want to convert visitors into buyers or leads you NEED a way to get their FULL attention !

If you want to convert your visitors and make them put money on YOUR need to grab them while their fully focused and NOT make them look for the call to action !

As of TODAY this is all possible...without ANY designing or programming skills !

But before we go there...
Here's Undeniable PROOF That Video Is A MUST HAVE On Your Money Pages...

"V-MagiK" will take the power video marketing and monetization
To The Next Level And Beyond !
And Here's Why:
Add Your Own Or ANY Youtube Video !
V-MagiK is all about video, so we made sure you can use the most used video host in our business...
Having a Youtube video on your websites gives you a boost in rankings without lifting a finger, it's 100% FREE, it's the most familiar video source on the planet and gives you the best control of how to display them !
Your "Teaser Sales Videos", Training Videos, Review Videos, Prelaunch Videos Will Be Pure Converters With V-MagiK !
Create An Amazing Eye-catching "Center Of Attention" On Your Marketing Pages & Posts In No Time and Skyrocket Your Conversions !
V-MagiK was developed to make video marketing easy, much more effective and high quality, to stand out in this massive industry...
It will take only MINUTES to turn your websites into an advanced video marketing profit machine.
The Best Designed Plugin Ever Created For Video Monetization...Built To Get Results !
V-MagiK is a complete video marketing system. A MUST have for 2016 and beyond...
As we all is the way to go onwards. Where ever there's video on a website...that's where the visitors dedicated attention will be.
V-MagiK will literally make ANY video PULL in the viewers and convert them into buyers or leads...HANDS DOWN !
Make Your Videos Jump Out On All Of Your WP Websites !
However your videos will appear using WILL grab the visitor's attention...
You can display your video as is on any page or in posts, make them pop up (by triggers like mouse move, clicking a link or button, or make them "slide open" like magic...). You can choose from a wide variety of video border designs that simply look stunning and make your video stand out from the rest of your content...
Use The Next Generation "In Video" Call To Action Features Never Seen Before !
The interactive Camtasia like time line interface makes this plugin something really special...
No other software on the market can pull in your audience like V-MagiK. The technology behind V-MagiK is designed to do exactly that when you've got their full attention. All the call to action options imaginable...INSIDE videos ! Animated entry, lower thirds, gradient or transparent different sized banners with customizable text, custom images, 1 or 2 step opt-in (i.e. "mandatory" opt-in to watch or see the rest of the video), CTA or buy buttons, etc !
Updates And Support For Life !
We want the best for our customers, you'll get life time support...NO hidden fees whatsoever...
We'll be adding new features all the time and keep developing new ideas for V-MagiK. We want this to be the best video marketing plugin there is and you'll benefit from that as a customer. You can count on our full support for life !
The Best Plugin On Your WP Websites To Monetize Your Videos !
Transform Your WP Websites Into Pure Moneymakers Today And
Watch Your Conversions Go Through The ROOF !
What Established Internet Marketers Say About V-MagiK...
"I've worked with Andre for a couple of years and I must say...I'm impressed ! Video is the BEST converter and will continue to be. V-MagiK is the perfect plugin to monetize ANY youtube video. The admin interface is super slick and easy, but the CTA stuff inside the videos simply look awesome ! Another genius plugin guys... Thanks !"
Cyril GuptaSoftware Creator / Youtube Marketer
"I've been waiting for something like this... It looks simply awesome and it's perfect for my AMZ websites. Having the call to action in my videos will make big difference and keeps my viewers on the edge of their seats. No worries about conversion...this plugin will do that for me ! Cheers guys !"
Gaz CooperTop AMZ Affiliate
"One word: "WOW" ! This is perfect for my review sites guys. It truly DOES draw the attention to the video and the in-video elements are really subtle...not the standard stuff you see all the time. If you're struggling to make your offers convert...use V-MagiK ! Highly recommended !"
MAO FlynnNiche Marketer / Software Creator
"I've known Andre for a few years now and he just won't stop suprising me... V-MagiK is a PURE eye catcher and really pulls you in. I've put on 2 of my niche sites and I'm getting a LOT more clicks and significant higher conversions ! This works like a charm and all I can do is highly recommend grabbing a copy ASAP ! Thanks Andre & John..."
Kevin ByrneAffiliate Marketer / Product Creator
And They Know What They're Talking About...
Not Taking Action = NO RESULTS !
Get your copy of V-MagiK for the lowest price and benefit from our Risk Free Ironclad guarantee !

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ONLY as a Special Limted Time Deal. The price will go up SOON !

1 Personal Domain
Install on ONE (1) domain
that you own !
Updates through the Wordpress Admin - No need
to download new versions
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V-MagiK 1 Domain
Unlimited Personal Domains
Install on UNLIMITED domains
that you own !
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V-MagiK Unl. Domains

5 Personal Domains
Install on FIVE (5) domains
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Updates through the Wordpress Admin - No need
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ONLY $37 !
V-MagiK 5 Domains
Frequently Asked Questions...
Q: When I buy it a one time payment or a monthly recurring fee ?

A: You only invest a one time payment. There are no hidden fees...nothing to worry about.
Q: Do you offer full support on V-MagiK ?

A: Yes, of course we do. Just go to the support tab at the top of the members pages once logged in. We will do our best to respond as quickly as we can to help you.
Q: If there's a new version of do I update the plugin ?

A: For every new version we release (with new features or for fixes) you will get a notification in your Worpress admin panel to update your plugin, just like all the other plugins. No need to download a new version and reinstall it.
Q: Are there any specific requirements to be able to use V-MagiK ?

A: All you need is a website with wordpress installed. Installing Video Flux is easy and we've added an instruction video on how to install the V-MagiK plugin in the members area.
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